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¥16,500 税込


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※こちらの商品は在庫商品です。 【アイテム説明】 長めの着丈のボックスシルエット。サイドに深くスリットの入ったロングシャツ。 アウターとの重ね着により、奥行きを表現できるシャツ。 パーカーやニットなどのインナーにも合わせられる使い勝手の良い1着となっています。 【 サイズ:2(Mサイズ)】 着丈80.5 肩幅48.5 バスト63.5 袖丈65.5 【 サイズ:3(Lサイズ)】 着丈82.5 肩幅49.5 バスト65 袖丈67.5 【素材】 COTTON:100% 細番手の糸を丁寧に打ち込み織り上げた形態安定性のよいドレスシャツ素材です。適度なハリと光沢がとても美しく、高密度な素材となっており、肌触りは格別です。 【原産国】 日本製 岐阜 【問い合わせNo.】 102001012 ____________________________________________________________________ This product is for pre-order. Please note that this product is estimated to be shipped from mid to late-December 2020. The shipping date is subject to change depending on the arrival of the product. The entirety of your order will be held until the pre-order item is completed and all the items can ship together in one package. Please note that it is unable to make a purchase at the same time if those items are with different estimated shipping dates. [Item description] A longer length box silhouette shirt with a deep slit on the side. Style Tip: It can be layered with outerwear to create a sophisticated look. It is a must have piece that can be worn with innerwear hoodies and knitwear. [ Size: 2 (Medium)] Length 80.5 Shoulder width 48.5 Bust 63.5 Sleeve length 65.5 [Size: 3 (size L)] Dress length 82.5 Shoulder width 49.5 Bust 65 Sleeve length 67.5 [Material] COTTON: 100%. An exceptional dress shirt material with good morphological stability. It is carefully woven with fine yarns. You would love its adequate bounce and beautiful luster of this high density fabric. [Country of origin] Made in Japan, Gifu [Enquiry No.] 102001012